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Costs & How do I join?

Age range

We take adult students from the age of 13 and junior students from the age of 4. Our junior members train in a separate class. It is recommended that all under 16s wanting to train in the adult class bring a parent or guardian to watch a session prior to commencing training.

First session free!

You are welcome to view one or a number of sessions before taking part in your first FREE training session. Students pay as they train at a cost of £5.00 per person per session until membership is granted, at which point training fees of £40.00 per month are payable via standing order.

No contracts or cancellation fees

We do not believe in tying students into contracts, you will stay because you like what we do! Students remain in control of their money and may cancel their payment at any point without incurring a cancellation fee.

No hidden costs

We appreciate the impact the current financial climate has had on everyone. We strive to keep costs to a minimum while still maintaining a high standard of training and offering exciting training opportunities. Half price training is available for additional family members joining the adult's class. Being a non-profit making club means that neither the Instructors nor students rely financially on the club for their income and there is no requirement to "sell" a product. This allows us to offer competitive training fees and equipment at trade prices. It also means that every paying student is directly investing in their own training and their club.