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Our history

Grove Martial Arts is an independent, non-profit making, Karate club with two sections: GMA Grove and GMA Juniors. We practise the traditional Okinawan style of Goju Ryu as the all-encompassing self-protection system it was originally designed to be. We are family run: our instructors are from three generations of the same family with a combined training history spanning 125 years.

Grove Martial Arts was established in January 2008 in order to provide reality based self-defence training specifically for the UK environment.

What do we do?

Karate is a civilian self-protection system born in Okinawa. Originally Karate was taught only to a select few students who would follow a particular master's teaching. After WW2 the Okinawan masters, in a bid to keep their art alive, opened Karate to the masses, introducing it in a modified form into the Okinawan school system. Since then Karate has spread throughout the world in many forms, most notably as a sport. We do not train for sport or competition, all of our training is geared towards reality based self-protection.

What makes us different?

No one takes a wage from the club and all funds are used to improve the club for our members. This allows us to offer opportunities that wouldn't be possible in other organisations. We run annual residential training courses, host seminars with world class instructors and provide a wide range of high quality training equipment.

What our members say...

"This club will teach you how to apply effective techniques in real (not sport) situations with great instructors who have a holistic approach to martial arts. This is a great club with great people"

Ed G

GMA Grove

GMA was founded in Grove, and has grown from a small passionate group, and has now expanded to 40+ members meeting twice a week and running regular events and trips.

GMA Juniors

This was an extension of GMA Grove, catering for 4 to 12 year olds, giving those first steps into Martial Arts, and a good grounding to continue on into GMA Grove.