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Sensei Chris Webb - 3rd Dan

Sensei Chris Webb, 1st Dan

I started my martial arts career in 1990 at the age of five in Ryobu Kai Karate in Grove under Sensei Yamasaki 7th Dan, with Dave Bell 3rd Dan, and David Lowe (now 5th Dan) as my instructors. I also trained at junior level in Judo under Sensei Simon Godard up to Orange belt level.

I changed styles to Shotokan and then later to Goju Ryu with David Lowe. During this time I entered various competitions from inter-club to national level, I also trained with Sensei Wayne Otto 6th Dan MBE and Shihan Paul Coleman 6th Dan at the Summertown Dojo in Oxford. I went on to achieve my Goju Ryu Shodan Black belt under Shihan Leo Lipinski 7th Dan at his Dojo in Enfield N. London in 1998. I have also attended a "Red Man" instructor`s course in Milton Keynes.

After leaving school I joined the Army (Royal Engineers), I then achieved Green belt 6th Kyu in Judo through the Army Judo Association.

During my recent tour of Iraq I was able to teach martial arts lessons in what little spare time was available! More recently I have trained with the Army Karate squad in Aldershot under Sensei Wayne Otto 6th Dan Shotokan.

I`m now teaching in Grove to a lucky few!

Sensei Lewis Stead - GMA 2nd Dan

Lewis Stead photo

I was born in 1992 in Oxford and have lived in Grove my whole life. I went to King Alfred`s secondary school in Wantage. Since 2009 I`ve worked at Williams Formula 1 team in Grove.

Through school, martial arts never really occurred to me as an activity, but once I turned 16 and left school into the real world I thought I`d try out the local karate club, which happened to be Grove Martial Arts. Since 2008 I`ve been training with GMA, and achieved my 1st Dan black belt on 12th December 2013, being graded under Sensei Ivan Webb 3rd Dan, Sensei Chris Webb 3rd Dan and Sensei Pete Lord 2nd Dan, along with guest instructors Sensei Iain Abernethy 7th Dan and Rob Newton 3rd Dan. I am also the club Sempai and take part in teaching the first three grades through the basics of Goju Ryu Karate.

In 2015, I established GMA Marlborough, growing the membership and teaching Goju Ryu martial arts further afield from Grove.

Danny West - GMA Shodan Black Belt

Danny West photo

I was born 1992, I`ve lived at Garlands Farm since I was born, and went to Stanford-in-the-Vale primary school. After that I went to King Alfred`s school for the rest of my days in education. Since school I`ve been working at Sainsbury`s supermarket. I was never bullied at school or felt the need to do anything to protect myself, but I always loved Japan, China and Asian culture, so decided to explore a form of martial arts - Lewis had recently started training with GMA, so introduced me - this was the start of a fantastic experience!

So my martial art career started in 2008 here are Grove Martial Arts. When I first started training I was very shy, quiet and wouldn`t really do anything that put me out of my comfort zone - but now I`m far more outgoing, and will try new things that I would never have considered before. After 5 years of good, hard and fun training, I achieved Shodan Black Belt in Goju Ryu on 12th December 2013. I was graded by my instructors Sensei Ivan Webb 3rd Dan, Sensei Chris Webb 3rd Dan and Sensei Pete Lord 2nd Dan, along with Sensei Iain Abernethy 7th Dan and Rob Newton 3rd Dan.

Chris Mort - GMA 1st Dan - Assistant Instructor at GMA Juniors

Chris Mort photo

Living back home in Wales, I joined my 1st Karate club (Wado Ryu) when I was about 9 years old, but unfortunately only ended up training for a short period of time. Then, in 1987, I moved with my family to Oxford, and was filled once again with thoughts of returning to training.

By 1988 I was training in ITF Taekwon-Do in Botley, Oxford under Tony Hampson, 3rd Dan, where I trained for 3.5 years, reaching the grade of 4th Kup. Due to travel time, family, costs and a growing disillusion with `Sport Martial Arts` my time under Mr Hampson came to an end in 1991. Between 1992 and 2009 I trained in a few different styles, including Boxing, Lau Gar Kung Fu and Muay Thai, bouncing from club to club, but I never really felt `at Home` at any of them.

2010 saw some major life changing events - firstly my wife falling pregnant with our first child, and secondly walking through the doors of the Old Mill Hall, to begin my journey/life with GMA. Since 2014, I've been Assistant Instructor with GMA Juniors, teaching an enthusiastic group of 4-12 years olds whilst at the same time still focusing on my own training and development.